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About the Dissertation Team Help provides an array of academic writing services, but as the title implies, it concentrates on dissertation and thesis services. Being around since 2013, it can be said that they have gained their customers in a short time. They are proud to be part of a larger group, namely GlobalWriters LLC, and don’t cease to praise themselves with this. If you access their website, you will shortly notice this aspect, in several eulogistic descriptions. For instance, they state that they “hire the cream of the writing industry.”
But you should not be easily impressed by such big words. In fact, such vaunt is what makes their reputation more questionable. Our review is based on a broad range of factors, such as their website content and rating, customer reviews and testimonials published in numerous sources, the quality of the samples they provide and the paper we ordered and received from them.


The Quality of Their Services and Products
The analysis we did regarding DisserationTeam services and products can be summarized as it follows:
• Even though is filled with very positive testimonials, a quick research on other sites and platforms reveals mixed feedback from its clients. Many of them are not satisfied with the quality of their received papers. For example, they have complaints regarding grammar or syntax mistakes, irrelevant information, or unreliable resources. Moreover, they claim that when you spend a small fortune on your thesis, you also have higher expectations, and you are surprised to see that your paper was written in a superficial manner.
• The same thing was noticed by us when we received our paper. The quality of writing was concerning, and we also identified several grammatical and sentence structure errors very quickly.
• On the other hand, our article was delivered on time, without any delay. Also, we had no problems in contacting the customer support department. They say that they are open 24 hours, and so it is.
• Regarding the paper we ordered from them, we can also say that our writer has followed each piece of instruction we provide at the beginning.
• Another significant and surprising aspect is that DissertationTeam has not published any sample papers and essays so that you can’t get an idea about their writing style before placing an order. The company also has no blog.


A Word about Prices

When it comes to prices, Dissertation Team is clearly not a very affordable company, as their prices start at $17.55 per page, while other similar companies charge you less than $10 for the same products and quality. Of course, how much you pay for your paper is directly linked to your order’s academic level, and urgency.

Each review we write contains information about discounts, coupon codes or any promo code they have. What is surprising about Dissertation Team is that they do not provide any of these. There is no mention on their website about discounts, a promo code, or similar aspects. Also, we sought information on other places on the Internet regarding these details, but with the same results. Practically, you cannot get any dollar off your order, no matter how much it values.

This issue led to several acid customer reviews on a multitude of websites, especially if they were also not satisfied with their paper’s quality.

What We Think about

To start positively, we can say that Dissertation Team is not fraud or scam, as we received the papers we ordered. Still, not being illegal is not the same as providing quality products. When it comes to this aspect, we have our doubts, and we encourage you to think twice before ordering from this company. The grammar and syntax errors, as well as the lack of relevant and reliable resources, next to the high prices are the factors that determined us to believe this.

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